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  • LOCATION 15 | The Vienna Food Walk


    Stop for a moment when you exit Naglergasse.


    We're going to be turning left here, but before you do, I want to point out something.

    Have a look to your right. Can you see the box-shaped clock? That's the box clock, typical of Vienna. I'm not just pointing it out so you can check the time. We'll be heading in that direction after our next stop, so take note.

    Ok, let's keep moving.

    Turn left and head onto the square called Freyung.

    For our second appetizer, we are going to get a little bit of ham and some white wine. This appetizer is from a region called "Steiermark" - Styria, known as the green heart of Austria. The region is well known for its agricultural products. The name is the old German word for free and it's so named because this was the medieval tax-free market in Vienna. Normally markets only sold one type of ware like the meat or coal market. There was a taxation person from the empire, who didn't take tax in money but in a part of the wares coming into the market. On Freyung everything was allowed to be sold, but the empire did not send taxation people here, because that would have been rather expensive, therefore no taxation here.

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