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    Walking along Brandstätte, we are nearing the end of our tour. We hope that you've enjoyed all the places we selected for the different kinds of local food that we eat in Vienna.

    If you have followed all the recommended dishes, you will be rather full right now. Sorry about that, but in Vienna we say the Balkans begin here. And on that Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian mountain range it is traditional that food is served for as long as you don't leave anything on the plate. When Austrians invite guests that is also the case, so we hope you had your fill.

    Looking around this part of the first district, there should not be that many people around. Interestingly most tourists stick to Stephansplatz, Graben, Kohlmarkt and Kärtnerstraße and don't venture out into the little byways of the first district. You'll see that as soon as you exit Brandstätte and get onto Stephansplatz, you'll be surrounded by tourists again.

    Brandstätte is actually one of the few streets where damage from World War 2 is still apparent. There are some modern buildings here. But Vienna, in general, was very lucky during that war, as Hitler hated the city, because he wanted to go to the Austrian art academy here, but was not selected. There were no military installations here and so the allied forces did not bomb Vienna. The modern buildings in this street are due to the fact that when the Russians took Vienna, they moved their tanks through buildings and those have in turn been rebuilt in a modern style.

    Onwards to Stephansplatz, where I will tell you a little quirky legend about St. Stephens Cathedral.

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