Verona audio tour: A stroll through the city of Romeo and Juliet

A stroll through the city of Romeo and Juliet

Walking Tour

60 mins

About the Tour

Verona is as timeless and romantic as the story of Romeo and Juliet, which takes place in its cobbled streets. On this tour, you'll discover that there is more to the city than a tale of tragic love. We’ll leave the busy shopping streets and travel back in time, along the oldest Roman road in northern Italy. More than 2,000 years of history are reflected in the facades of its Roman and Medieval buildings, and there’s a mix of pragmatism and invention in the way old has been recycled into new. We’ll trace the shoreline of the Adige River too, taking in grand piazzas and picturesque alleyways. I'll also show you where to find the best Veronese cuisine along the way.

The tour’s highlights include:

• The arena where gladiators came to die
• A glimpse at the houses of Romeo and Juliet
• The Palazzi of the medieval powerhouse Scala family, as well as their private chapel and cemetery
• The splendour of Piazza Erbe, the ancient Roman forum
• Breathtaking views of the Adige River from the Ponte Pietra and Roman Theatre

Let’s pull back the curtain of history and rewrite this tale of tragic love with a happy ending.

Tour Producer


Mariacristina Pozza

I'm a Veronese Licenced local guide and as I have always enjoyed this job I'm still doing after more than 25 years. I'm also a painter, but this is not my profession. Another thing I really enjoy is cooking, I cook for my family, but also if I'm alone at home. Always healthy things, it's a must! I and In my spare time I love gardening. Am I a sportive person? Not really, but I do good biking and walking. At the moment I'm learning russian to keep my brain in good health! See you in Verona!

Major Landmarks

  • Arena

  • Juliet's house

  • Piazza Erbe

  • Piazza Signori

  • Scaligers area

  • St Anastasia

  • Roman bridge Ponte Pietra

Directions to Starting Point

Corso Porta Nuova 4a, If you reach Verona by car, Parking Cittadella is at 5 min walk from the starting point. Bus stop Piazza Bra is at 3 min walk if you come from other places as train station, hotel, bus from Garda Lake...

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Places to stop along the way

Roman Arena, Juliet's house, go up the Lamberti Tower to enjoy a fantastic panorama view of Verona, St. Anastasia church , Roman Theatre. If you want to enter in more than 2 sites I suggest you to buy the Verona Card (it helps also to skip the line in some sites)

Best time of day

Best time for the tour is around 9am or after 5pm in summertime. Anytime in other seasons. Museums are closed on Monday morning. No visits in churches on Sunday morning or marriage cerimony or any other cerimony.


Try not to walk middle of the streets, unless you are in a pedestrian area. Keep an eye on your belonging, specially in busy areas.


Very good tour and very informative. We definitely would have missed some great locations on our own.

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , 21 days ago

Really nice tour! I would always prefer taking a personal tour through a city like that. But if there is not the opportunity of doing that or you want to save some money an audio tour is the perfect alternative!

I probably will try a tour like that again, thank you ^^

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , about 1 month ago

Nice tour through Verona! We would have probably not seen all of the places if we would have just roamed around ourselves. 🐥

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , about 2 months ago

Great tour!!!

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , 4 months ago
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A stroll through the city of Romeo and Juliet