Venice audio tour: The Heart of Venice

The Heart of Venice

Walking Tour

60 mins

About the Tour

Venice is one of the most famous and most intriguing cities in the world, which for 1,500 years was one of Europe's richest and most powerful nations. Envied, imitated, but never equaled, the city is like a living museum that still lures the visitor deep into its narrow streets rich in architectural and artistic brilliance. Monuments, anecdotes, and glimpses of daily life abound in this walk from the city's core, the Piazza San Marco, to the Rialto Bridge over the shimmering Grand Canal.

Join me as we explore the street where the revolution failed in 1310, the passageway named for strong drink, the church restored by the egotistic doctor, the square dedicated to one of Venice's greatest and most forgotten heroes, all places where centuries seamlessly join the present in luxury stores, artisans' workshops and pocket-sized cafe's.

Tour Producer


Erla Zwingle

I am an American freelance journalist and have been living in Venice since 1994, married to a wonderful Venetian man. I have written the National Geographic guidebook to Venice, and keep up a blog about real life in an unreal city.

Major Landmarks

  • Piazza San Marco

  • Church of San Zulian

  • Campo San Salvador

  • La Fenice Opera House

  • Palazzo Cavalli

  • Rialto Bridge

Directions to Starting Point

We'll start at Piazza San Marco, the largest, most central and most famous square in Venice. You can reach it on foot or by vaporetto (waterbus) via any of the lines except the #6. Once in the piazza, make your way to the only church on the square, which is the Basilica of San Marco. I'll meet you outside the entrance.

Show Directions
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Places to stop along the way

The churches of San Zulian, San Salvador and San Fantin contain art works that are worth seeing; they are also lovely places to stop and rest, especially if it's hot out. Please dress respectfully!

Best time of day

Crowds of varying sizes are a constant in almost every season; spring to fall is the most intense period. The streets are narrow and there can be bottlenecks. I highly recommend starting by 8am (actually, starting at dawn is even more beautiful), or waiting till 7pm.


There is very little violent crime in Venice but pickpockets are in their element here. Take every care with your valuables. Bring only what you need for the day and separate cash, credit cards, passport, etc. There can be as many as 200 incidents in a day during high season, but if you're prepared you shouldn't have a problem.


Excellent! Guide is outstanding…
One request is to state names of streets when we are moving from one location to another. Especially important because GPS is inaccurate in narrow streets and tall buildings
Great job by the guide

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , about 2 months ago

A great tour, it really added to our stay.

Posted by Suffolk , 5 months ago

One of the best voicemap tours !

Posted by Helene Y , over 2 years ago
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