• LOCATION 2 | Vardø: Pomors, Radars and Witches in the Far North

    Vardø Hotel

    Turn left here to walk along the path that runs in between the hotel and the shore.

    The hotel is a good place to stay in Vardø. It's famous for the quality food, especially their seafood – advertised under the brandname “Cod is great”.

    It's not just people that enjoy the hotel. On the roof is a colony of terns who have made their home here.

    You are now walking on the “1000-year path”, that takes you past some of the local history.

    The earliest traces of settlement in Vardø date back between 4 to 5000 years ago. Vardø is one of Norway's oldest cities and was registered as an official city back in 1789. At the time of this recording, the city has about 2200 happy inhabitants living in this small community. Perhaps it has grown much larger by the time you're taking this tour!

    The local business is made up of fishing and fish processing, as well as the service industry. More recently, tourism is fast becoming a major source of income for the town.

    Continue along the path.

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Vardø: Pomors, Radars and Witches in the Far North