• LOCATION 3 | Cycling the Stanley Park Seawall

    View of Coal Harbour

    To your right is Coal Harbour --the section of the Burrard inlet waterway lying between Vancouver’s downtown peninsula and Brockton Peninsula.

    As the name suggests coal was discovered in the harbour in 1859.
    The Harbour quickly developed into a commercial area with saw mills and warehouses.
    In 1929 Bill Boeing built a seaplane and boat factory in Coal Harbour.
    Most of the industries were removed in the 60’s and 70’s but a float plane terminal remains, as does the iconic Chevron Fuel Barge.

    The Fuel Barge which was once part of the thriving Gasoline Alley along with five other fuel stations, now is the last of its kind in British Columbia. It is a state of the art fuelling barge completed for the 2010 Olympic games with upgraded safely systems and able to hold more than a million litres of marine oil. It services pleasure craft and commercial vessels and usually requires refuelling once every ten days.

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Cycling the Stanley Park Seawall