Umbria audio tour: Allerona: Within the walls of an Umbrian hilltown

Allerona: Within the walls of an Umbrian hilltown

Walking Tour

30 mins

About the Tour

A medieval castle razed by French King Charles VIII. A possibly headless ghost. "Doors of the Dead" and other centuries-old superstitions. Join me as we
traipse around the charming, beautiful nooks and crannies of my adopted hometown, and coax the stones and bricks to reveal some of the secrets of this picturesque Umbrian village. This is a tour with a personal touch. My husband Paolo is from here, so I am in a unique position to take you around this beautiful village I call home. Come with me as we roam the alleys and browse the piazzas of this quintessential Italian hilltop town.

Tour Producer


Elizabeth Heath

Elizabeth Heath is a US-born writer and editor who lives in Allerona with her husband, daughter, five dogs and several hundred olive trees.

Major Landmarks

  • Via Centrale

  • Church of Santa Maria della Assunta

  • Le Fontane

Directions to Starting Point

To arrive at the starting point, drive up to Allerona Paese (paese means village). If you’re coming from the south, you’ll pass through Allerona Scalo, the newer modern town about 7 km below Allerona. Park your car in Piazza Attila Lupi, which is also referred to as the Piazza del Comune and is the starting point of the tour. If there are no parking spaces in the piazza, you can keep going about 100 meters and park near the carabinieri station on the right, either in designated spots or on the shoulder of the road. The tour begins near the clock tower in the piazza.

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Places to stop along the way

If you’re here at lunchtime or want to stay for dinner, our town restaurant, La Panatella, is a lovely place for pizza or a more formal meal. In the summertime, there’s dining on their outdoor patio. If you’re heading south as you leave town, there’s also Po’Vecchio bar and restaurant, which serves snacks and a simple lunch or dinner menu, including pizza.

Best time of day

Morning is a good time to take the tour, as the bar, grocer and church should all be open. But any daytime hour is fine. Just don't walk under the clock tower if it's tolling! The bar and restaurant are closed on Mondays.


The area is very safe, but do lock your car and don't leave valuables in plain sight.


This an extremely interesting tour of this small medieval village. Your guide sprinkles in her real life experiences of living here and being married into a prominent Allerona family along with the history and lore of the village.

Posted by Greg Rooker , almost 4 years ago
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Allerona: Within the walls of an Umbrian hilltown