Sozopol audio tour: Sozopol - The Heart of the Ancient Town

Sozopol - The Heart of the Ancient Town

Walking Tour

30 mins

About the Tour

Sozopol is one of the most ancient cities in Europe! I will show you a medieval fortress, found beneath an old house, and a church so small you can touch its roof with your hand. Down the romantic cobblestone streets, amongst the archaeological dig sites and the unique old houses, I’ll tell you a story about the forbidden love between ancient rulers, and about mischievous monks and a handsome vampire. We’ll try the local drink made of flour and sugar, called boza, and the famous Sozopol fig jam, made by male green figs, before listening to some first grade jazz in “the heart of the ancient city”.

Tour Producer


Martina Chachevska

I am writer, director and editor. Since 2000 I work for National TV SKAT - Bulgaria. I've made a lot of touristic films and documentaries about this county and about Sozopol. Some of them are awarded. I know that the most important thing in the tour is not exactly to learn history but to feel the atmosphere of the place and keep it in your heart forever. This is what I'll try to show you.

Major Landmarks

  • St. Zosim church

  • Archaeological Museum

  • Fortress Wall and Tower Museum

  • House Lascaridi

  • Zagorova house

  • House with the Sun

  • Sozopol Art Gallery

Directions to Starting Point

We’ll begin our tour in front of the St. Zosim Church. It stands at the entrance to Sozopol’s old town, just off Han Krum Road and opposite the entrance to a small shopping complex.

You can get there with a car or by bus. All intercity buses have a stop right across the street to the church. Fortunately there are also parking spots in the same place. During the summer, it’s often hidden underneath the shadow of the trees, so if you’re having trouble seeing it just ask and someone will point you in the right direction.

Show Directions
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Places to stop along the way

Beach Bar Elvis, Restaurant Del Muro on the fortress wall promenade, Bar Palicary, Assumption of St. Mary Church, Art Club Mishel, Ksantana Restaurant

Best time of day

It's best to do this tour in the afternoon. All the shops, cafe's, restaurants are open, and it's not too hot. The sunlight is the best for your pictures. You may also do the walk early in the morning when the town is still sleeping.


Wear comfortable shoes - most of the streets are covered in cobblestones. The best time to visit Sozopol is from May to October. In the winter most of the shops, cafe's, restaurants are closed, but the town is still beautiful.



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Sozopol - The Heart of the Ancient Town