• LOCATION 16 | A Stroll through the Heart of Savannah’s Historical District

    Jones Street

    Stop a moment as you get to Jones St. Take a minute to look in the live oaks draped in Spanish moss that tunnel over the street.

    Jones Street is one of the most beautiful streets is American. It is where we claim the term "keeping up with the Joneses" comes from. The first house built on Jones St. is the Eliza Thompson house, you will notice it across the street, 3rd house on your right. Today is serves as an inn.

    This home was built by Joseph & Eliza Thompson in 1847. He was a very successful businessman. After his death, Eliza continued managing the family business and was very successful at it.

    Very few of the homes in the historic district are still single family homes. Today they serve as apartments, inns, B&B's, stores, art galleries, cafes, restaurants and more. It all depends on what the owner has decided to do with the building.

    Due to the strict rules of the Historic Savannah Foundation, all homes and buildings within the Historic District, must remain period specific on the outside. This means, the home or building must look as it would have when it was built. The paint color must be a color that was used during that time period. If it had gas lanterns on the outside of the house, those lanterns must remain. These are only a few examples of the rules these homeowners and businesses must abide by. This is also why Savannah is able to keep our history and architecture alive.

    When you are ready, continue walking down Bull St to Monterrey Square.

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A Stroll through the Heart of Savannah’s Historical District