Røros audio tour: Digging up the past: exploring the old mining town and World Heritage site

Digging up the past: exploring the old mining town and World Heritage site

Walking Tour

40 mins

About the Tour

Join me on this tour as we stroll through the quaint old mining town and historic World heritage site of Røros.

We’ll find out about the lives of the miners who mined the copper that Røros was known for. We’ll view some of the elegant houses and hear about the lives of those in the affluent part of town. After crossing the Glomma River, we’ll learn about the working class of Røros and get a glimpse into how they lived. You’ll meander of the Slagghaugene, the waste from the copper mine, and pass close by the Smelthytta and Røros Museum, before rounding off the walk near the beautiful Røros Church. Let’s see what we can dig up from the history of this fascinating town!

Tour Producer


Lars Engerengen

A lovely night in May 1968 he was born, at Lillehammer, Norway. The interest for geography, history and transport/tourism has been following him all the time since, and today he lives high up north, administrating the public transport system in Finnmark, the northernmost county of Norway.
His passions in life within hobbies are writing and photographing, and he has published a book of the “Hurtigruten” – the coast liner going from Bergen to Kirkenes. He is aIso a permanent contributor to the largest Encyclopaedia in Norway.
Lars loves reading history of different places, and are especially focused on Norway, Finland and Russia. He is more than willing to share the history, and that is why he has made a lot of walking tours at VoiceMap.

Major Landmarks

  • Røros Town Hall

  • Røros Museum

  • Røros Church

Directions to Starting Point

Get to the monument "The miner and his wife" in the small park at Nilsenhjørnet, close to the railwaystation and Tourist information.

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Places to stop along the way

Bergmannsgata, by the Glomma river, Slagghaugene, Røros Museum and Smelthytta, Røros Church

Best time of day

Any time is good.

The Smelthytta and Røros Museum are open Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm


When walking on the Slagghaugene it is not recommended to wear white shoes - they might become grey or even black.


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Digging up the past: exploring the old mining town and World Heritage site