Rethymno audio tour: The Venetian harbor and old town of Rethymno

The Venetian harbor and old town of Rethymno

Walking Tour

180 mins

About the Tour

This tour begins a stone’s throw from the old Venetian harbor and its impressive lighthouse. From there, we’ll enjoy a slow wander through tiny alleyways, filled with Venetian houses. We’ll pass museums where you can have a look inside, if you like. (The early Minoan artifacts that were found nearby are amazing.) We’ll also visit the huge Fortezza with its magical domed mosque and its excellent panoramic views over both the city and the Aegean Sea. I’ll also share the secret to traditional Cretan phyllo pastry at a pastry workshop where the passionate owner is the last person on Crete that still uses the traditional method. You can buy a piece of baklava or kadaifi if you like, then we’ll move on to the Neratze Mosque with her elegant minaret. All the time close to the Venetian harbour terraces where students and retirees sit side by side.

Along the way, you'll hear about:

How the city got its name
The impact of the Ottoman Turks
The cruel story behind the Four New Martyrs church
The architect and builder of the Venetian Loggia
The layout inside the Greek Orthodox Church and its religious traditions
Why and how Byzantine icons are so special on Crete
What the memorial posters you see everywhere on the electricity poles and walls mean

Let’s have fun together and encounter this Venetian pearl of Crete!

Tour Producer


AJ 4U Golf & Guide

As my real name 'Arjan' is difficult to pronounce for the English guests, I made up the nickname AJ. This resulted into a company name AJ4U Golf & Guide. So if I'm not playing golf with you, I will guide you around either on or off the course (at the moment on the island of Crete).
Every free minute besides that I create these lovely audio files and city tours on the Voicemap platform.

Major Landmarks

  • Old Venetian harbour

  • the Egyptian Lighthouse

  • Venetian Loggia

  • Archaeological Museum

  • Church of Four Martyrs

  • Phyllo work shop

  • Minaret

  • Neratze Mosque

  • Rimondi Fountain

  • Fortezza

Directions to Starting Point

The starting point of the city walk Rethymnon is the parking area next to the entrance of the new harbour. The street name is called Leofori Emmanouil Kefalogianni. If you come from the Heraklion area is the easiest to pass Rethymnon on the highway and drive around the city, so you avoid heavy traffic.

If you come by bus to Rethymnon you can ‘join’ the city walk on another position in the tour, for example the one near the Municipal Garden. Except from the introduction words the tour will be the same.

Show Directions
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Places to stop along the way

Old Venetian harbour, the Egyptian Lighthouse, Venetian Loggia, Archaeological Museum, Metropolitan church, Church of Four Martyrs, Municipal Gardens, Pastry work shop, Historical Museum, Minaret, Neratze Mosque, Rimondi Fountain, Fortezza, Icon work shop, Museum of Contemporary art

Best time of day

You can experience this citywalk Rethymnon all day long. Use shadow areas to wait and listen the audio items.
About the length of the tour: just by walking and listen to the information the tour takes about 2,5 hours without visiting the fortress. If you do the whole audio tour, with the fortress included, it will take around an hour extra. So around 3,5 hours. But this is without any stops for drinks, lunch or visiting one or more of the museums. This city walk is made with the idea of ‘a whole day out’ in the beautiful old town of Rethymnon.


Due to the length of the audio information it’s wise to bring your smartphone battery charger or an extra power bank, to avoid that your battery runs out of power.


Our first tour with voice map. We were very impressed, so much that we decided to do all the Crete voice map tours.
If you can't finish all tracks in one day, you can easily resume wherever you stopped on another day.

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very nice tour! recommended!

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The Venetian harbor and old town of Rethymno