Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania audio tour: Drive PA Indian Paths: Forks of the Ohio to Logstown

Drive PA Indian Paths: Forks of the Ohio to Logstown

Driving Tour

50 mins

About the Tour

Travel to a time before white Europeans tamed the wilderness of Western Pennsylvania, when Indians built mounds and walked trails. Be wary, though. It becomes the most dangerous place on Earth. We begin at the forts built at the Forks of the Ohio. We end at Logstown, the original Wild West town. Along the way, we'll be joined by howling wolves and dancing Indians. We'll visit an Indian burial mound that was carried away piece by piece until it is no more. Charles Dickens will reflect on his steamboat trip down the Ohio, and Grandmother will tell us why all the animals left Lenape land.

Dickens is brought to you by Nick Black in London. Marti Donovan, who lives with many animals, brings us the wisdom of Grandmother.

Tour Producer


Leon J. Pollom

I am a writer/researcher of the past. Based in Pittsburgh, I once covered daily news for newspapers. Now, I cover really old news-- news that's had time to steep, and prove its significance.

You can check out my website at https://www.NowThenPgh.com

Major Landmarks

  • Duquesne Incline

  • Fort Pitt Museum

  • McKees Rocks Indian Mound

  • Old Economy Village.

Directions to Starting Point

Use your GPS to direct you to the Duquesne Incline parking lot, 1197 West Carson St., Pgh, PA, 15219. You won't have to pay for parking, if you stay with your vehicle during the tour introduction. You will have to pay if you opt to ride the incline while you are there.

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Places to stop along the way

Duquesne Incline, Fort Pitt Museum, Old Economy Village.

Best time of day

Traffic is not an issue along the tour, but it can be a problem getting to and from the tour route during peak commuting hours. On work days, it is best to begin after 10 a.m. and conclude before 2 p.m. Traffic is light after 6 p.m. Be sure you will have enough daylight to see the sights. Weekend traffic is only a problem during sporting events. Check appropriate websites for congestion reports.


Please obey the rules of the road and drive safely. If you exceed posted speed limits, you may bypass Voicemap directions and information.


Leon My daughter and I did one of your tours this weekend. It was interesting and easy to use. Thanks for helping us make a fun and safe adventure during the Pandemic!

Posted by Drew Rotz , about 1 year ago
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Drive PA Indian Paths: Forks of the Ohio to Logstown