Northumberland audio tour: Hadrian's Wall: Carrawburgh to Housesteads

Hadrian's Wall: Carrawburgh to Housesteads

Walking Tour

180 mins

About the Tour

This guided tour will take you along a beautiful 5 mile stretch of Hadrian's Wall. Following the Hadrian's Wall Path, you will visit archaeological, cultural, and natural sites along the way, and learn why the Romans did a daft thing like build a huge wall in the middle of nowhere. The starting point will be Carrawburgh (the site of an ancient temple of Mithras) and the end point will be the fort of Housesteads.

Tour Producer


Gary Devore

Archaeologist and author. Former lecturer at Stanford University and and author of the novel "Pantheon" and the guidebook "Walking Tours of Ancient Rome".

Major Landmarks

  • Hadrian's Wall

Directions to Starting Point

Start the tour in the carpark of Carrawburgh along the B6318 road (8.8 miles west from the Chollerford roundabout or 7.3 miles east from Once Brewed Youth Hostel / The Sill). Coventina's Well is next to parking lot.

GPS co-ordinates: 55.035632, -2.220432

PLEASE NOTE: If it is between 25 March and 25 September, you should be able to take an hourly bus back to Carrawburgh from Housesteads if you want to return to your start point. Otherwise, you may need to walk the 5 miles back, or arrange a ride.

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Places to stop along the way

There is only nature along the way, no toilets or cafes. So make sure you're prepared to walk the 5 miles through the Northumberland landscape.

Best time of day

The tour will probably take around 3 hours, depending on how fast you walk, so aim to start well before sunset. Leave another hour or so and the end if you want to visit Housesteads, where I have another tour that will show you around the ruins of the fort called 'Hadrian's Wall: Housesteads'. You can find it on the app.


Make sure to bring a fully-charged phone with you! The VoiceMap app will use GPS to play the tour as you go, syncing with your position.


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Hadrian's Wall: Carrawburgh to Housesteads