North Berwick audio tour: Against the Stormy Sea: A walk around North Berwick's Old Town

Against the Stormy Sea: A walk around North Berwick's Old Town

Walking Tour

45 mins

About the Tour

This walking tour takes you around the old medieval boundaries of North Berwick.

You'll hear how the town developed from its early beginnings as a staging post for the pilgrims going to St Andrews towards the holiday and Edinburgh satellite that it is today.

The tour has been adapted for audio from a tour developed by Dave Berry. It is narrated by Martin White, with personal reminiscences of his family's long association with North Berwick voiced by Dave Berry himself and a Robert Louis Stevenson memory of the St Andrews Kirk, voiced by Vincent Guy.

You'll Hear of

• The harbour's history and use
• The boundaries of the medieval town
• The pilgrim and other trading
• The evolution of its main streets, market and parklands
• The start of its lifeboat service
• The Stevenson connection
• The golf trail

Tour Producer


Martin White

The walking tour was devised by Martin White. Martin is a native of Edinburgh and now promotes the story of Robert Louis Stevenson’s time in the Lothians. He is a Director of the European Cultural Route In the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson. He runs the website which provides a great springboard for people to enjoy the Stevenson story.

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Major Landmarks

  • The Harbour

  • St Andrews Kirk

  • The Lodge and Gardens

Directions to Starting Point

The start is at the west end of Melbourne Road where there is a recessed area for disabled parking and ice cream vans in summer. There are steps beside it leading in the direction of the Seabird Centre.

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Places to stop along the way

Seabird Centre, The Harbour, Lobster Shack, Steampunk Coffee, The Lodge Gardens, The Coastal Communities Museum

Best time of day

Do it in daylight hours. Avoid a high spring tide if you want to take the shortest route along the beach.


The area is very safe. Watch out for sea spray!


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Against the Stormy Sea: A walk around North Berwick's Old Town