New York City, New York audio tour: INFINITE CITY #6: Mayors, Writers and Peculiar Churches

INFINITE CITY #6: Mayors, Writers and Peculiar Churches

Walking Tour

20 mins

About the Tour

INFINITE CITY is a series of walking tours exploring New York City in endless detail. This is the sixth tour in the series.

On this twenty-minute tour, we’ll walk two loops around a block in the Gramercy Park neighborhood. Each successive trip reveals another layer of information about the people, buildings and trees surrounding you. On the first loop, you’ll hear about the unique history of this block, and how it became a private park and an enclave for the wealthy. You’ll hear about the people that have lived here too. Then, on the second loop, we’ll explore its extravagant architecture, and the trees that characterize this area.

Join us on a walking tour unlike any other where, by putting this city block under a microscope, you’ll learn about:

• Gramercy Park’s creator
• Mayoral traditions in Manhattan
• The park’s extravagant parties
• A peculiar looking church

Each tour in the INFINITE CITY series is an accumulation of a particular place’s memories and an obsessive compendium of its often overlooked minutiae. Keep a look out for more tours in the series on VoiceMap’s app soon!

Tour Producer


Akiva Saunders

Akiva Saunders is a New York City teacher who uses technology and software to explore the frontiers of education. He is the chair of Latin at the Latin/Greek Institute, a teacher in the NYC public school system and a founder of Spectacle Theater, a microcinema in Brooklyn now celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Major Landmarks

  • The Parish of the Calvary Church

  • The Church of the Holy Zebra

  • The Gramercy Park Hotel

  • The first Houses on Gramercy Park

Directions to Starting Point

This tour begins at the West side of Gramercy Park, at the corner of Gramercy Park West and East 21st Street. When you arrive at the Park, look for the row of red brick townhouses with a big black metal porch; the tour will begin at the corner next to these buildings. Nearby subways include the 6, R and W lines.

Show Directions
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Places to stop along the way

L' Express cafe, Gramercy Park Hotel, Parish of the Calvary Church.

Best time of day



Watch out for bicyclists, who may be coming from either direction.


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INFINITE CITY #6: Mayors, Writers and Peculiar Churches