Nashville, Tennessee audio tour: Exploring Nashville’s Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

Exploring Nashville’s Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

Walking Tour

45 mins

About the Tour

The Bicentennial Mall is one of Nashville’s premiere tourist destinations. During this walking tour, you’ll experience a performance of the Tennessee Carillon, stroll down the Walkway of Counties, visit the 200-feet wide map of the state, and learn about our State Capitol building. Our tour ends with a trip down the Pathway of History, where you’ll learn how this state developed, hear about the sit-in protests during the Civil Rights era, and visit a World War II memorial. Along the way, you’ll learn about the history of Tennessee and Nashville.

You’ll also get a sense of how the Bicentennial Mall is a representation of all things Tennessee, from its beauty, to its people, and its music. After all, the park was designed to celebrate our state and the pride we take in it. Dedicated in 1996 on the 200th anniversary of statehood, this magnificent park, an extension of the State Capitol, is one of the most historical spots in Nashville. I hope you’ll share the joy that is Tennessee with me by the end of the tour.

Tour Producer


Ed Owen

Ed Owen has shown thousands of visitors, from all over the world, HIS Nashville! He's a former radio & television announcer and has been around this city all his life. You'll get details from him you'd never find on your own.

Major Landmarks

  • Nashville Carillon

  • Walkway of Counties

  • The Tennessee Plaza

  • Tennessee's State Capitol

  • The Pathway of History

  • World War II Memorial

Directions to Starting Point

This tour begins at the north end of Bicentennial Mall. (See starting point photograph) You'll be in a large circle, surrounded by fifty tall towers. On the ground surface will be a representation of the three stars of the flag of Tennessee. And you'll be able to look toward the state capitol and see a magnificent view of the park's expanse.

Show Directions
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Places to stop along the way

You might want to stop at the 'Welcome Center/Gift Shop' under the railroad trestle. There are picnic tables under the trestle that provide a nice, shady area to take a break and enjoy some people watching!

Best time of day

Best time to start the tour is approximately 10-15 minutes before the start of any hour. This positions you for the top of the hour performance of the Nashville Carillon. Tour is year round, although in colder weather some of the water features may not be operational.


Watch your parking. Most spots along the way are two hours, either on the street or at the Tennessee State Museum. Police are lenient, but do not park for an extended time at the Farmer's Market. There are several 'state of Tennessee' parking lots around the area where you can park on the weekends for an extended period, and free!


With limited travel these days I chose to be a tourist in my own backyard. This was such a fun way to do that. I like guided tours to get all the inside information, but enjoy going at my own pace as well. Best of both worlds with this. The guide was friendly and pleasant to listen to, almost like having a friend along to point out things for you. I learned so many fascinating things in a truly enjoyable way. It wasn't just information about the spot I happened to be standing on either, I got some great facts about the history of the city, state, and the south in general. Absolutely worth this at ten times the price. The app is easy to install on your phone and the guide leads you every step of the way so you're never left feeling lost or confused. I'm so happy to have found this. I'm going to do the Nashville one now and then, who knows where next?

Posted by Kathleen Cosgrove , 7 months ago
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Exploring Nashville’s Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park