Naples audio tour: Italy at its most Italian: A guide to Naples from Ancient Greece to the present

Italy at its most Italian: A guide to Naples from Ancient Greece to the present

Walking Tour

40 mins

About the Tour

”You see Naples,” said the German poet Wolfgang Goethe, “then you die.” But this isn’t supposed to sound ominous. Goethe was paraphrasing a local saying that suggests you can learn everything you need to live well by visiting this most Italian of cities, with its proud traditions, delicious food and seaside beauty under the timeless watch of Mount Vesuvius.

And what about history? There’s been a lot of it here, from Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Byzantium to Goths, Saracen Pirates, Angevines, Aragonese, Bourbons and Napoleonic generals. I’ve spent time studying these episodes for my podcast, A History of Italy, and I’ll guide you through them today, while we walk.

The tour starts in one of Italy's largest squares near the impressive Castel Nuovo. From there, we’ll make our way through the theatre district and the main shopping street where you can taste some Neapolitan delicacies. That’ll take us to the grand Piazza del Plebiscito where you’ll find the imposing Royal Palace of Naples and Naples Cathedral. We’ll end the tour with a stroll along the seaside, where there are views of the city stretching out towards Vesuvius. The tour ends at the ancient and oddly named “egg castle”, Castel dell'Ovo.

Join me on this walk to some of the most important historical landmarks of old Naples. Along the way, you’ll discover why “That's Amore” as you fall in love with the city like so many others have before you.

Tour Producer


A History of Italy Podcast Corradi

A weekly podcast in 15/20 minute episodes on the history of the Italian peninsula from the fall of the Western Roman Empire to the present day.

There are plenty of dates, battles and rulers of course, but also a fair share of rabbits winning sieges, swords suck in uncomfortable places, naughty popes, monks getting undressed and all other sorts of mischief in the history if the colourful Italians.

The author, Mike Corradi is an Anglo-Italian English teacher living in northern Italy with a passion for travel and history.

His tours so far include Ravenna, Rimini and Naples.

Major Landmarks

  • Piazza Municipio

  • Maschio Angoino/Castel Nuovo

  • Teatro San Carlo

  • Galleria Umberto I

  • Via Toledo

  • Piazza Plebiscito

  • Palazzo Reale

  • Basilica di San Francesco da Paola

  • Vesuvius

  • Castel dell'Ovo

Directions to Starting Point

Piazza del Municipio is right in front of the Municipio underground station which is on line 1 (yellow) just two stops from the central station. You can also walk from the central station in around 45 minutes and see the shops along Viale Umberto I.
There is also parking down at the port area and along Via De Gasperi nearby, but only the bravest of the brave should attempt driving in Naples.

Show Directions
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Places to stop along the way

Pastry shops and cafes in and around Galleria Umberto I.
Shops in Via Toledo.
Gavinus Bar
Stands and cafes along the seafront

Best time of day

Perhaps the best tiem is in the early morning, especially if you visit in the hot season, from June to September.
Take some water with you as there is quite a bit of walking and comfortable walking shoes.


Avoid this tour in the late morning/early afternoon in the hot summer months, July and August.
Beware of traffic, even and perhaps especially at pedestrian crossings.
Be aware and careful of your personal belongings at all times and escpecially if approached by street vendors.


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Italy at its most Italian: A guide to Naples from Ancient Greece to the present