• LOCATION 7 | The Best of Milan: Explore the City’s Secrets

    Piazza Cordusio

    You've now reached Piazza Cordusio, considered the entrance of Milan's business district. Looking around you you will find banks, insurance companies and the building on the left side with a beige color that used to be the old post office and today is a nice and huge Starbucks!

    Ahead of you is the pedestrian Via Dante, one of the main streets for shopping where you find some of the most important brands in the world.

    Make your way onto it.

    Via Dante is dedicated to Dante Alighieri, one of the greatest poets of Italy in the 14th century and a real milestone for our literature and culture. The street was built only in the 19th century to connect the main symbols of the city: the Duomo, now behind you, and Castello Sforzesco, that you can start to see at the end of the street in front of you. Take a pleasant walk looking at the shops, restaurant and beautiful palaces.

    Keep going.

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The Best of Milan: Explore the City’s Secrets