• LOCATION 8 | The Best of Milan: Explore the City’s Secrets

    Along Via Dante

    Continue along Via Dante.

    Among the modern and elegant buildings in neoclassical style (all with the same height), you can find the oldest one on the right side: Palazzo Carmagnola. In the 15th century it was a beautiful Renaissance palace, and after many transformations it became a theatre in 1947, the Piccolo Teatro. If you find the gate open take a look inside and you will see the courtyard with the original frescoes and an old sundial on the left side (according to tradition designed by Leonardo da Vinci). There is also a beautiful cafè where to have a break.

    At the end of the street you can find the typical yellow trams of Milan and another statue with a man on horse, the general Garibaldi who helped to unify Italy.

    Cross the street and you will hear me once at the fountain.

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The Best of Milan: Explore the City’s Secrets