Melbourne audio tour: Live Like a Local

About the Tour

This light, fun tour is aimed at showing you the things locals do in Melbourne. Locals don't need to spend a fortune to enjoy themselves, and neither do you.

So there are plenty of things you can do for free or at a budget price, when you're eating,drinking or just wandering around getting a feel of the city .

The tour is focused on blending in with the natives more than getting a history lesson. There are plenty of excellent tours that already do that.

Al, the author, was born and bred in Melbourne, has lived overseas and in most capital cities in Australia, and yet here he is back again in rainy old Melbourne. The question is why? The answer is in this tour and the things he hopes you’ll love about Melbourne as much as he does.

You can stop and start the tour any time you want and even come back and do it again too. So If you've got a bit of spare time and you can walk 4kms without having a heart attack, then what are you waiting for?

Tour Producer


Alan Peck

The good news is I owned comedy clubs for almost 20 years, The bad news is I'm not a comedian. In that time though, I learnt that you shouldn't take life too seriously and that's how I have approached writing this tour. Hope you enjoy it and you find it light and informative.

Major Landmarks

Directions to Starting Point

Under the clocks at Flinders Street Station Melbourne. If you can't find them - we're both in trouble!

Show Directions
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Places to stop along the way

We stop at a lot of places so I won't spoil the fun by listing them all however the last track does summarise all the places we visited.

Best time of day

It gets dark around 5pm in winter so day is best. If it's summer it gets dark around 8pm so I would think about the afternoon when it's cooler and you can go to roof top bars as the sun goes down and mingle with the great unwashed.


Sunscreen and a hat is a must when it's warm. A disposable raincoat if it's cloudy. A water bottle always.

Note : Melbourne has dramatic weather changes including dropping 15 Degrees Celcius (around 50 degrees in the old language) in 30 minutes once, so allow for conditions that may produce heatstroke or pneumonia and you can't go wrong..


What a fun tour!
Will recommend to all locals and visitors!!

Posted by Darren , about 2 years ago
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