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    Chumani Gallery

    You are standing in front of Chumani Gallery. The name, which is Lakota-Sioux, means “water from the ground”, and is reflected by the water garden inside the adobe wall. It, and the gallery itself, comprise an ongoing art project in continuous evolution. However, the pieces didn’t always fit as properly as they do now.

    >leaning house, car collision, little store

    That was Waz and Rainia, who hinted at the rumor from the old days. Up the adobe wall to the corner where it meets the dirt road is the spot where, if one got behind in one’s car payments, one might park one’s car there for a few days, in earnest hope of a collision.

    Thus, the adobe wall is an example of form following function – it protects Dream Gallery, located in the tiered sculpture garden behind the wall, dedicated to original photography. The main gallery of Chumani specializes in southwest art and jewelry, thoughtfully selected by knowledgeable owners Pam and Jessie.

    Continue up the incline along the adobe wall for twenty yards, and you’ll be at the start of Back Road, a dirt and gravel affair. It’s an appropriate place to tell you about the infamous Bad Boys.

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Oral History Tour of Madrid, NM: The Town Too High To Die