• LOCATION 37 | Oral History Tour of Madrid, NM: The Town Too High To Die

    Gypsy Plaza

    You are standing before Gypsy Plaza, facing the chocolate shop. These buildings were not always the home of such unique enterprises as Power and Light Press, a woman-owned letterpress print shop, specializing in “Bad Cards for Good People,” and fueled by a fleet of all-female letterpress printers with clean hands and filthy mouths.


    Another noteworthy shop has been the anchor of Gypsy Plaza from its very beginning. Mostly Madrid is a co-operative of highly imaginative local artists and the beautiful jewelry from our Santo Domingo pueblo neighbors. We’ve already heard from John, and will hear from Mel, but now let’s learn about how Kirsten came into possession of Gypsy Plaza.


    Music legend David Bowie was here in Madrid as well, back in 1976, to film the cult classic “The Man Who Fell to Earth”.


    Don’t miss Shugarman’s Little Chocolate Shop. Handcrafted small-batch chocolate, made with zest and zeal? One taste, and you will melt with it.

    After you’ve concluded your time here, cross the fire lane, and head to the other side of Gypsy Plaza. As you go, you can see the Volunteer Firehouse up the lane -- the new firehouse. Not the old one.

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Oral History Tour of Madrid, NM: The Town Too High To Die