• LOCATION 5 | Oral History Tour of Madrid, NM: The Town Too High To Die


    This boardwalk was the location of the original company stores, where the miners’ families had to buy all their goods using scrip. Happily, these days cash and cards are accepted instead.

    Jezebel is an artist who patented her process of shaping tiffany style glass. You might have seen her work in the Albuquerque Sunport, where she created “illumination tree,” an immense glass chandelier.

    See if you can find the BB hole from 1950 as you listen to John, Mike and Kay. Hint: it’s in one of Jezebel’s windows.

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    In Jezebel’s, you can have a homemade gelato or a thick shake at the restored original 1926 soda fountain. Did you find the bb hole? It is smack dab in the middle of the window to the left of Jezebel’s entrance.

    At the north end of the boardwalk, Indigo Gallery, Jill Shwaiko’s petroglyph-inspired bighorn sheep, in paintings and sculptures, are nearly as welcoming and refreshing as the lovely secret sculpture garden you can access inside.

    Enjoy exploring the boardwalk. Whenever you are ready to continue your tour, the next location is about ten yards north past Indigo gallery, across the little private lane.

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Oral History Tour of Madrid, NM: The Town Too High To Die