Tour Locations | A Walk in Santa Monica

  • LOCATION 14 | A Walk in Santa Monica

    Take the stairs down to the beach (or head to the end of the pier)

    Now stop here, next to the set of stairs going down to the beach.

    The shop you've just walked past is the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, a restaurant with ties to the movie character Forrest Gump who ran to the end of the pier in the movie of the same name. Run Forrest Run!

    Here you have some options. You can keep walking to the end of the pier, where I'll meet you for a look out onto the endless ocean. Then we'll return to these stairs and continue our walk along the beach. But if the pier is looking a little crowded and you'd like to flee from the boardwalk immediately, just head down the stairs now.

    Your choice. Choose your own adventure.

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