London audio tour: There’s More to Moorgate: From Londinium to Edwardian London

There’s More to Moorgate: From Londinium to Edwardian London

Walking Tour

60 mins

About the Tour

Do you long to get off the well-worn London tourist trail and see more of the city’s hidden corners? If so, this walking tour is the one for you. Moorgate is probably not on most people’s lists of top locations to visit, but it’s oozing with history, from the first Roman settlement through to the early 1900s.

As a born and bred Londoner, the city’s history has always fascinated me, and I started to put together tours around ten years ago. It’s really important to me that you not only get to see and hear about the locations and buildings on the route, but you also hear stories about the people who once lived there.

On this walk, I'll introduce you to a slightly crazy Elizabethan Doctor, the most feared man in Tudor England, and an unlucky delivery boy who got a clip round the ear for attending to a call of nature. Along the way, I’ll tell you tales about:

• The Roman city of Londinium
• Medieval Moorgate
• The prelude to the English Civil War
• Victorian architecture
• 20th century espionage

Whether it’s your first time in the capital or you’re a local who’s curious about Moorgate, this tour is a valuable introduction to this London neighbourhood’s rich history.

Allow approximately an hour for this walk if you plan on keeping strictly to the route. There are also a couple of opportunities to explore further which will add another 30 minutes or so if you choose to take them. There are plenty of pubs, cafes, restaurants and food outlets if you feel the need to take some time out during the tour.

Tour Producer


Steve Matthews

I've been a guide since 2010 and I’m constantly doing research and exploring new possibilities in order to keep my tours fresh, interesting, and relevant. The tours take you to places that you possibly wouldn't visit if you were on your own, and I believe they give you the echoes of what has gone before us in this great Metropolis.

London's history is my passion, and these tours have grown from what started as a hobby to my desire to share the many wonderful stories, lives and facts with others.

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Major Landmarks

  • Guildhall

  • Bank of England

  • Austin Friars

Directions to Starting Point

The tour begins on the street called "London Wall", just a short walk from Moorgate or Liverpool Street Underground Stations. Once you've found London Wall you need to stand directly opposite the entrance to Finsbury Circus which is a lovely public garden.

There is at the time of publishing a temporary Covid Testing Station set up in the Guildhall Plaza. This stops access from Masons Avenue. Listen to the Masons Avenue commentary, then continue along Basinghall Street, turning right onto Gresham Street. After a few yards there is an opening on your right that will lead you back into the Guildhall Plaza where you can rejoin the commentary.

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Places to stop along the way

There are plenty of coffee shops and takeaways at the beginning of the tour. If you're looking to take a break for lunch most restaurants are situated after you've reached the Guildhall, although there are many excellent pubs all along the route where you can get a good meal.

Best time of day

From dawn till dusk, seven days a week. If you walk the tour at night it does give some of the streets an atmospheric feel. Try to avoid rush hour traffic in the mornings and afternoons. The quietest time is between 7am - 12pm on a Sunday.


The area is heavily populated with office workers, so there are always plenty of people about during the day, just watch out for traffic when crossing the roads, especially bicycles as many streets have cycle lanes. The area becomes quieter after the working day has ended.


A very enlightening and interesting tour that is full of facts and an interesting insight into not so well known tourist area of London. Steve was an excellent guide and the tour was not rushed. I will definitely be booking again. Thank you Steve

Posted by Scott R Becks , 10 months ago

Interesting, insightful and full of hidden gems. A great little tour which inspires you to go on more .

Posted by Craig Shelton , about 1 year ago

You will learn things about London that will amaze you and see things pointed out in the smallest of places. A must for anyone really interested in the History of London.

Posted by Mike Hayman , about 1 year ago

Really interesting tour about an area of London I knew nothing about.
Would highly recommend to anyone interested.

Posted by Gregory Curtis , about 1 year ago

A totally amazing tour and a complete treasure of facts and figures that will blow your mind!! If you’re contemplating a tour whilst in London why not go off the beaten track and learn something no other tour guide offers - truly sensational !!

Posted by Philip Stokes , about 1 year ago

My partner and I really enjoyed this tour. Steve is a great guide and the audio tour took us to places we’d never have found on our own and really brought them to life. It’s great when you can tell your guide is passionate about history, it really comes across. We’re looking forward to more of Steve’s tours.

Posted by Dan , about 1 year ago

Wow, awesome tour! Fascinating and taken to some real hidden gems, great to learn about this different side of London (even if the weather was overcast and windy) Please post more tours like this 😀

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , about 1 year ago

Thanks Steve. So interesting. Loved it and will recommend to one and all.

Posted by Simone Brinkworth , about 1 year ago

Fantastic! So interesting to learn all the different facts. I definitely recommend.

Posted by Mark Brinkworth , about 1 year ago

Great experience. Taken to many parts of hidden London. Interesting and detailed tour. Lots of facts and History. Thanks Steve.

Posted by Kev Green , about 1 year ago

A fascinating tour! Full of interesting facts about a part of London that is off the usual tourist trail. A must if you want to learn about the other side of London.

Posted by Deborah Stapleton , about 1 year ago
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There’s More to Moorgate: From Londinium to Edwardian London