London audio tour: Londinium's Footprint: Roman Wall Walk

Londinium's Footprint: Roman Wall Walk

Walking Tour

75 mins

About the Tour

Roam in the footsteps of the ancients...and the medievals, and the Victorians, and pretty much all of London’s inhabitants through history. Become a part of this city’s tradition.

This tour has you walking the literal path where the Romans established London’s boundary two thousand years ago. The wall that surrounded the ancient city then stood for millennium, affecting decisions and development right up to today.

You don’t have to be a history geek to get excited about the lives of people in the past. It’s so easy to get pulled into the adventures of soldiers, kings and commoners alike. During this walk you will view the fortifications that the Romans first built, and that the Normans used as their foundations. You’ll step right up to the walls that English royalty relied on for centuries to protect and defend their power base. You’ll touch the very stones that fortified the city of London throughout time. And your adventure will add you to the list of characters in the wall’s long history.

So step right the wall, and to your place in the story!

Tour Producer


Amy McMahon

Born of the snowy tundras of central New York and transplanted to the ancient deserts of the Middle East, Amy is an avid adventuress, dirt-digging archeologist, children’s book author & tour director. She has wandered the globe as an international educator for over 20 years. Passionate about following historical paths, both literally and figuratively, Amy seeks out unique opportunities to bring the lives of people from the past into our own day-to-day experiences.

Major Landmarks

  • Tower of London

  • All Hallows-on-the-Wall

  • Museum of London

Directions to Starting Point

Beginning in the courtyard by the Tower of London's ticket office. Public transportation is the most convenient way to arrive. The Tube station 'Tower Hill' is about a 4 min walk to the ticket office. Carparks are available nearby (50 Lower Thames being the closest) but tend to fill up quickly.

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Places to stop along the way

In addition to the sites mentioned within the tour, the pathway runs quite near to the following famous sites: church of St. Dunstan in the East, Tower Hill Memorial, the Tower Hill Sundial, St. James Passage, Bevis Marks Synagog. From the final stop at the Museum of London it is about an 8 min walk to the Guildhall which contains remnants of the Roman amphitheater within its lower levels. One could also attempt to view a not-so-secret but very-well-hidden Roman wall segment that is exposed within a parking garage which can be accessed underneath the Museum of London.

Best time of day

Take daylight hours into account, as some of the areas we will be viewing do not have formal lighting. Salter's Garden does get locked at dusk. Otherwise, this walk could be taken at any time during the day.


While walking time is listed as 60 minutes, there are a few locations where spending some time to observe is recommended. This could add more minutes to the total time. If you are interested in exploring either the Tower of London or the Museum of London, I would recommend a minimum of one hour for each. Please confirm opening hours for sites as they can be seasonal.


Great tour! I watched this with the YouTube tour. The guide is knowledgable, and pleasant to listen to. It was a great way to see London while stuck at home. This tour is mixed within London and you get to see how history mixes the modern world. I cannot wait to visit London and do the tour in person.

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , about 12 hours ago

Phenomenal, and really informative tour: loved every moment of it! Thanks for putting this together!

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 1 year ago

I’m so happy that you enjoyed it! Believe it or not I put this together because when I first became curious about the wall I couldn’t find any tours to take where I could learn more about it. I did so much research on my own, and walked its line so many times that I fell in love with it. This tour is the result. I hope I inspired your curiosity.

Posted by Amy , 12 months ago

I’m home doing some armchair traveling these days, like so many of us. I loved this tour! I wish I could be there in person, but Amy made it come alive. I was imagining walking the route, and it brought back great memories of a trip from years ago. I also loved hearing the history of the term “sally forth.” Highly recommended!

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 1 year ago

I was supposed to take my nephew to London for his high school graduation, but it was cancelled due to the pandemic. Instead, we took this virtual tour together, but separately. It was so fun. The guide knows her stuff. We felt like we were actually there. Plus, you can see where you are if you watch her video on her YouTube channel. The guide has a way with words and is a great storyteller. My nephew and I rescheduled our trip for next March and will use this tour as our guide. Can’t wait!!!

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 1 year ago

What an interesting tour and subject! I had no idea we had such treasures just beneath our feet in the city. The tour guide clearly knows her topic well, her voice is pleasant and lively, which holds your attention. I was searching to see if there were more tours by Ms McMahon, but couldn’t see any. I hope she will put out some more interesting tours soon. Well done!

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 1 year ago

For those interested in viewing the sites along the tour pathway, I’ve created a supplemental video that can be found on my YouTube channel:

Posted by Amy , over 1 year ago

This was a fantastic tour! So clear and concise and with really great background information. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 1 year ago

I’m really pleased that you enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for the feedback. If you’d like to put your eyes to the locations you can watch the video I’ve added to YouTube to supplement the audio.

Posted by Amy , over 1 year ago

A great tour to discover areas of London you’ll never find yourself. Just fab.

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 1 year ago

I’m in London regularly but rarely as a tourist. I had an opportunity yesterday to explore the city and decided to treat myself with something different. This tour turned out to be just that: a treat! I couldn’t have picked a better way to travel back in time to when London wasn’t London yet and to discover how much of that time is still present now. Thoroughly enjoyed the commentary and the whole story. I’ve no doubt you would too. Thank you!

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , about 2 years ago

I'd like to recommend Amy's tour! I learned so many new facts while I was walking through the City of London and followed traces of London's Roman history. Amy is very enthusiastic about history and a great storyteller, so I'm happy I went with this tour!

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , about 2 years ago

What an amazing audio tour! I am planning a trip to London next spring and had no idea that this wall even existed. Amy has done an incredible job of making this important historical site come to life. Her passion for history really shows, and she is full of interesting tidbits, such as how the statue of Emperor Trajan was originally found in a garbage dump. I can't wait to listen to this again as I actually walk the wall when I'm there. Highly recommended!

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , about 2 years ago

I’m excited to go on this tour when I travel to London soon. I’m fascinated by places and structures that still exist from Roman times. One can imagine being there when it was first built and the culture that surrounded it. It will be Awesome, actually, to stand on the same ground and walk the ancient city perimeter.

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , about 2 years ago
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Londinium's Footprint: Roman Wall Walk