• LOCATION 54 | The Modoc War: A Homeland Lost

    Micka Road

    You should now be on Micka Road, continuing straight for a little while.

    It was two days before the military learned that the Boddy men had been killed. Interestingly enough, Louisa Boddy placed blame not only on the Modocs. She wrote a letter that was published in the San Francisco chronicle:

    [LOUISA:] "The Indians had told us time and again that if the soldiers came to take them upon the Reservation it would make them mad, and they would kill every white man; but if the soldiers did not come they would not kill any white men as they wanted to be good friends. We requested the Messengers never to come with soldiers without sending a runner ahead to warn the settlers, but they failed to do so...all my family were murdered in cold blood and all through the carelessness and negligence of the officers in command."

    [CHEEWA:] Had One-Armed Brown warned the Boddys, would history have changed? We will never know.

    But, Hooker Jim and his men didn't stop with the Boddys. It was just their first taste of blood.

The Modoc War: A Homeland Lost