Kansas City, Missouri audio tour: Kansas City’s Union Station: Guide to a Modular Monument

Kansas City’s Union Station: Guide to a Modular Monument

Walking Tour

15 mins

About the Tour

This 15-minute walking tour guides you through the history of Union Station, which goes back as far as 1914 and chugs through the golden age of railway travel in the United States into the present. It points out the iconic building’s architectural highlights along the way, and answers some common questions, like: Why was it built? How was it used? Why was it nearly abandoned, who saved it from decay, and what do we mean by “modular monument” anyway?

The tour starts at the east side door, nearest the Streetcar stop, and takes you through a gallery of historic construction photos into the Grand Hall and Grand Plaza. There’s also a balcony viewing point that most visitors never see.

Tour Producer


Jackson County Historical Society

The Jackson County (Missouri) Historical Society is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the written, oral, and physical legacy of this county. We do this by maintaining physical collections and promoting the study, appreciation, and interpretation of local and regional history.

Major Landmarks

  • Union Station

  • Amtrak Terminal

  • Liberty Memorial

Directions to Starting Point

Starting from the Streetcar platform, walk toward the side of the building that faces Main Street, and go through either set of double-doors found just beneath where the skywalk connects to the building.

If you’re already inside Union Station, go to the Grand Hall and look for Southeast Corner. (The Grand Hall is likely the huge open room that you first walked into, with a restaurant in the center and different shops along the sides). Step into the hallway that flows left from the Southeast corner and follow it until you reach a set of doors that lead outside. Do Not go up the stairs.

Show Directions
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Places to stop along the way

Union Station houses a lot of fun additional attractions: Science City for families with kids; the Grand Plaza Model Train Gallery for train enthusiasts; Peirpont’s for couples wanting a fancy cocktail or dinner; and a host of other attractions. Visit their website for a full list.

Best time of day

Union Station is currently open from 6 AM to 11 PM, and any time of day will work to take the tour.




Kansas City’s Union Station: Guide to a Modular Monument