Uncovering Frankfurt's New Old Town from the Römer to St. Paul's and more!

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    Anne noble
    30 Apr 2020
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    Tourdescription About the audio tour

    If you like the nooks and crannies of an old town, this is the tour for you, whether you live in Frankfurt or you’re visiting for the first time. You’ll take a step back into a distant past nestled within this bustling modern metropolis, and meet emperors, merchants, and even the aunt of an author! The walk isn’t far, but along the way, you’ll discover why Frankfurt had to rebuild a lot of its old town, visit a reconstructed medieval courtyard, and find your way to Roman and Carolingian ruins.

    Frankfurt’s old town is full of cafes if you’d like to make a quick pit-stop along the way, or you could pick up sausage from Dey’s, on the Hühnermarkt, to nibble while you walk. Wine fans will appreciate Balthasar’s Wine Bar, next to Dey’s. The tour also points out places that are free to visit and will keep you dry if it’s a rainy day!

    The landmarks include:

    • The stunning architecture of the old Hühnermarkt
    • A Renaissance house that cost 8 million Euros
    • St Paul's Church, the “cradle of German democracy”
    • Hidden post-modernist houses

    And there are stories about the surprising links between:

    • Cat statues and an eavesdropping man
    • Aunty Melber and Goethe
    • How Frankfurt’s was named and a mural of Charlemagne

    Let’s take a stroll into the heart of the old town together and look into all its corners and see what we find behind its facades.

    Majorlandmarks Major Landmarks

    The old town square and town hall (Römer), The New Old Town, Frankfurt Cathedral (Kaiserdom), the Eisener Steg

    Startingpoint Directions to starting point

    The nearest public transport stop is: Dom/Römer
    The U-Bahn (U4 and U5) and Strassenbahn ( 11, 12, 14) will bring you within 150m of the starting point. Or take the S-Bahn to Hauptwache which is a 350m walk away.

    Tips Tips

    Places to stop along the way:

    Dey’s, for a take-away sausage, or Balthasar’s for a glass of local wine, both located at the Hühnermarkt, in the New Old Town.
    Weinstube im Römer, on the old town square, for a hearty meal.
    Kaffeehaus Goldene Waage, for coffee and cake.

    Best time of day:

    This tour is can be taken any time of day. On Sundays though, churches are closed for services in the morning and shops are closed all day. Cafes and museum however, remain open.


    Cyclists are everywhere in Frankfurt, friendly and sometimes fast, so keep to the pedestrian routes!