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    RRS Discovery

    Stop a moment to look at the ship. Discovery also took Earnest Shackleton on his first trip to Antarctica. He served as Third Lieutenant under Scot. Of all the polar explorers from the Heroic Age, he is the one with the greatest number of links to Dundee.

    He had first visited the city in 1903 to oversee the refit of the Terra Nova. He had been invalided home from the Discovery expedition to Antarctica at the start of the year. The Terra Nova was fitted out so that it could rescue the Discovery. In order to have it ready on time three hundred workmen gave up the Dundee Fortnight holiday. Perhaps it was this level of dedication and self-sacrifice that inspired Shackleton to stand for election in Dundee in 1906. He was not successful. Out of five candidates, he came fourth.

    Still this did not prevent him from looking to Dundee when he needed funding for the Endurance expedition in 1914. The Endurance Expedition was officially known as the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The South Pole had been reached three years earlier in 1911. The aim of this expedition was to do one better – to be the first people to cross Antarctica.

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