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    29 Nov 2018
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    Mecca Bingo

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    When you are back on the street take a right so you continue in the direction you had been walking.

    We haven't quite finished looking at the impact of alcohol on Dundee. One of the most passionate anti-alcohol reformers in the city was Edwin Scrymgeour. In 1922, he was elected to Parliament as the UK's first and only prohibitionist MP.

    Scrymgeour's triumph was incredible. As well as campaigning against alcohol, he had also been a pacifist at the time of the First World War. During the 1922 electoral campaign he had been tormented by hecklers who asked his views on putting a roof over Dundee and what size of teeth would be required to fit the mouth of the Tay.

    Keep following the road round as it begins to curve. Do not cross over. Instead keep Mecca Bingo on your right as you keep walking.

    He managed to hold on to his seat for a further 9 years, although of course he was never successful in making alcohol illegal. His continued success in Dundee may perhaps be attributed to the widening of the vote to women in the years that followed. In 1929 all woman over the age of 21 were given the vote. That same year Scrymgeour won the largest majority that had ever been seen in Dundee.

    Yet it seems certain that one of the reasons Scrymgeour was successful in 1922 was because he was standing against Winston Churchill.