Made in Dundee

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    29 Nov 2018
    Clock 60min      Length2mi
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    Commercial Street

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    Turn left and keep walking.

    When she did not return he sent the next one and so on and so on until all nine children were missing. The farmer eventually decided to go look for them. At the well he saw a terrifying dragon, surrounded by his daughters' dead bodies.

    A young man called Martin was the lover of the eldest daughter and decided to avenge the murdered women. He chased the dragon to Baldragon where it was soaked in the bog. He struck it at Strikemartin and finished it off at Martin's Stone

    It is an odd ending for a fairytale. There isn't any moral, unless perhaps to ignore any paternal requests for a cooling drink. All it does is explain several local place names like Strikemartin and Baldragon.

    I can't imagine any of the women on this tour allowing themselves to be placidly slaughtered by a dragon. Dundee women are matriarchs, breadwinners, explorers, scientists, writers, protestors, philanthropists and politicians. They are rarely damsels in distress.

    I told you that in Dundee truth is always stranger than fiction. If you follow me I'll introduce you to a real-life extraordinary animal.