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    29 Nov 2018
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    Back along Riverside Esplanade

    Pay wave

    Continue walking back the way you came, with the V&A on your right.

    The boat miraculously made it to South Georgia. The six exhausted men staggered ashore. Historian Caroline Alexander perhaps puts it best: "They could hardly have known—or cared—that in the carefully weighted judgement of authorities yet to come, the voyage of the James Caird would be ranked as one of the greatest boat journeys ever accomplished".

    There was one problem. Nobody lived on this side of South Georgia. They had landed on the uninhabited South-west side because they did not want to risk missing the island.

    Shackleton with two others had to cross the interior of South Georgia. They had no map, no equipment and no one had ever made this journey before. Nobody would make this journey again until the 1950s. In 36 hours straight they crossed the glaciers and mountains that made up the middle of the island. They made it and got help for the others who had been left behind. All 28 men survived.

    Caird died two months before Shackleton turned up, never to know that the boat which bore his name had ultimately been their salvation.