Dublin audio tour: Howth Harbour Walk: Explore the UNESCO Biosphere of Dublin Bay

Howth Harbour Walk: Explore the UNESCO Biosphere of Dublin Bay

Walking Tour

90 mins

About the Tour

Discover Howth Harbour. Get a feeling for the working piers and the bustling life of this ancient port. Find your inner mariner. The waves of Irish history have always washed over Howth and the sea is our timeless, sometimes unforgiving companion. You’ll be walking for about 90 minutes, and while the surfaces are generally hard, they are sometimes uneven. By the end, you’ll have a personal sense of Ireland, the island, and how we have lived here for 8,000 years.

On this tour, you can look forward to hearing and learning about:

• The everyday bustle of our busy fishery harbour
• The 800-year-old Abbey with its battlemented walls
• The development of Christianity from the time of St Patrick
• How the Tuatha De Danann, the Celts, the Vikings, the Normans and the Anglo Irish are linked to Howth Harbour
• The dock where the Howth Guns were landed by Molly Osgood and Erskine Childers
• The rock and roll history of Howth and Ireland including Thin Lizzy, Phil Lynott, The Cranberries and U2

Tour Producer


Shane O'Doherty

An international adventurer and history aficionado telling the ancient story of Ireland through my home port of Howth, sharing the coastal landscapes, and human footsteps of 10,000 years in this unique Unesco Biosphere.

Major Landmarks

  • Howth Harbour

  • Irelands Eye

  • The Martello Towers

  • Cill Mac Nessan

  • St Marys Abbey

Directions to Starting Point

Start the tour at Howth Dart Station, Harbour Road Howth. It's a 35-minute journey by taxi, train or bus from Dublin city centre.

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Places to stop along the way

I mention several spots along the way, and there is plenty to explore afterwards, when you have a feel for the place.

Best time of day

Sunrise is visible to the east, sunset to the west and the bustling life of the harbour gives us all energy at any time. I like when the yachts are racing in the summer on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, or Saturday afternoon. Good weather is great, but tough weather is more evocative.


Keep an eye on the weather and watch out for high tide and easterly winds. That can be the most exciting time to visit, but also the most uncomfortable. Howth generally has better weather than Dublin, but it is exposed to the sea , and the sea is indifferent to our comfort.


I really enjoyed Shane's tour and recommend it to anyone with an interest in finding more about the great town that Howth is. Very pleasant and educational tour with lots of historical details and anecdotes about Howth’s most important landmarks. Perfect in this time of travel restrictions.

Posted by Jack , about 1 year ago
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Howth Harbour Walk: Explore the UNESCO Biosphere of Dublin Bay