Dubai audio tour: On the road to Etihad: From street art to sweet treats

On the road to Etihad: From street art to sweet treats

Walking Tour

40 mins

About the Tour

This walking tour is a sensory journey through Dubai’s food and art, starting off at the Dubai institution, Ravi Restaurant, which has been in business for more than four decades. At the tour’s end, there’s a striking new cultural hub: the Etihad Museum, where interactive exhibitions chronicle the birth of the United Arab Emirates.

In between, there’s the life of a community at street level, in one of Dubai’s most diverse and approachable neighbourhoods. You’ll pass by busy mosques and properous businesses, stop off for sweets or indulgent snacks, and see street art that celebrates the country’s heritage. Along the way, you’ll also discover why Dubai holds a special place in the hearts of people around the world.

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Visit Dubai

Welcome to Dubai’s official tourism account. Follow us to find out all that our remarkable city has to offer.

Major Landmarks

  • Satwa Al Kabeer Mosque

  • Dubai Union House Flag

  • Etihad Museum

Directions to Starting Point

This tour starts at 245 Al Dhiyafa Road, outside Ravi Restaurant.

Ravi is a landmark that almost any taxi driver will recognise immediately. It’s also accessible by bus. Get off at Satwa Post Office. The closest metro station, World Trade Centre, is a 1.4km walk from Ravi.

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Places to stop along the way

Ravi Restaurant, Regal Fabrics Shop, Nujood Sweets, Al Mallah Restaurant, Firas Sweets, Etihad Museum

Best time of day

The Etihad Museum is open every day until 8pm. If you intend to spend time there at the end of the tour, allow yourself at least an hour to reach it. But you’re also best off avoiding the midday heat, so we recommend starting the tour between 4pm and 6pm.


* Take care when crossing the road, even at pedestrian crossings.
* If you do this tour during the day, ensure that you have adequate protection from the sun and remember to stay hydrated. There are plenty of shops that sell water along the way.


On the road to Etihad: From street art to sweet treats