Detroit, Michigan audio tour: Detroit Downtown on The People Mover

Detroit Downtown on The People Mover

Walking Tour

20 mins

About the Tour

Detroit is a massive city. It covers over 139 square miles, but only two of these count as the downtown. This makes our rarely enjoyed, super cheap and mostly useless People Mover a great way to learn about the rich history of Detroit.

The People Mover is a driverless, fully-automated, rapid transit system that travels a 2.9-mile, one-way loop through the heart of the city. The total round trip journey is only 14 minutes long – so let's be honest, you’re not going that far. But the ride will only cost you 75 cents a person.

There are 13 stations on the loop. If something at one of them catches your fancy, feel free to hop off and explore the area, and then get back on the People Mover when you’re ready. If you leave this audio tour running while you explore, it'll pick back up when you board the People Mover again, or you can end the tour and then restart it, selecting the Resume button instead of Start when you do.

Please note: before purchasing this tour confirm the People Mover hours of operation, scheduled closings, and Covid related closures by visiting

Tour Producer


Bailey Sisoy Isgro

Bailey Sisoy Isgro is the owner of Detroit History Tours and the proprietress of the Detroit History Club. She is an author, humorist, workaholic, and Faygo-loving tour guide from the great City of Detroit. A lover of city ephemera her most prized possessions include her antique books about Detroit penned by Clarence M. Burton himself, her Library of Congress readers card, her collection of vintage jewelry, and signed pay stubs of Edsel Fords. She works as an automotive sculptor by day, and by night she writes and lectures on the history of the American working woman, prostitution, and Detroit between the World Wars. When she isn’t tramping around Detroit giving tours, drinking at century-old bars, and talking history with anyone who’ll join her, she can be found at her home in Highland Park, Detroit. She is meticulous in her research and passionate about historical accuracy, yet she takes great joy in presenting history in the most exciting, playful, and accessible way possible. A passionate connoisseur of all things delicious, she adamantly argues the health benefits of coney dogs and Vernors floats.

Major Landmarks

  • Hart Plaza Detroit

  • The Detroit Opera House

  • TCF Center

  • The Spirit of Detroit

Directions to Starting Point

Your tour begins at the Greektown People Mover station. You can park via on-street parking and pay the meter fee monday to Saturday, free on Sundays

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Places to stop along the way

You can hop off at any of the stations to look around. You won't have to buy another ticket unless you exit the station and come back in.

Best time of day

Before purchasing this tour confirm the People Mover hours of operation, scheduled closings, and Covid related closures by visiting The Detroit People Mover operates Monday-Thursday 6:30 a.m.-midnight, Friday. 6:30 a.m.-2 a.m., Saturday 9 a.m.-2 a.m., and Sunday noon-midnight. It is closed on all federal holidays.


Keep an eye out for Detroit Transit Police. They ride the People Mover ensuring the cars and stations are safe. They are treasure troves of Detroit knowledge and generally are very kind in pointing you in the right direction or suggesting a good restaurant near each station.

Be aware of the emergency buttons located at each station. If for any reason you need emergency help in the case of medical, safety, or criminal concerns simply hit that blue button and help will be to you very quickly.


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Detroit Downtown on The People Mover