Derry / Londonderry audio tour: Derrie Danders: Cityside, Bogside and the Walled City’s West

Derrie Danders: Cityside, Bogside and the Walled City’s West

Walking Tour

60 mins

About the Tour

Welcome to Derry / Londonderry and, in particular, the Cityside, as the western half of this historic city is known.

On this walking tour, we’ll visit several locations in the west side of the city, including an area called the Bogside. Sometimes described as the cockpit of ‘the Troubles’, it became world famous during the late 1960s for violent clashes, later referred to as ‘the Battle of the Bogside’.

We’ll peruse popular murals like The Petrol Bomber, Bernadette, and the Bloody Sunday collection and, in a politically neutral way, cover some of the other sites that define the area.

Fellow tour guide, Mr Terry Brown of Walled City Tours, will join us to share his perspective at some of the locations along the way.

You’ll also hear stories about:

• Two of the city's greatest boxers, Jim “Spider” and his son Billy Spider Kelly, and how they got their
• St Columba and how the sacred well was formed
• The murals, monuments and memorials dedicated to the Troubles
• A Victorian-era garden of tranquility in the city centre
• The revival of the ancient languages of the natives and the planters
• Derry pigs and what made them so happy

Tour Producer


David Douglas

I am an accountant by profession but an historian by passion.In October 2018, I established Derrie Danders Walking and Audio Tours and seek to deliver historically accurate and politically neutral tours of my home city, where I have been born and bred.I am extremely proud of my city and love telling visitors of its role in many of the conflicts and historical events of the past and am optimistic of its role in the ongoing peace process in the future.
I am pleased to be assisted by Bronagh from BM Tours Ireland in my French language tour and by Terry from Walled City Tours in my Cityside,Bogside,Walled City West Tour.

Major Landmarks

  • Visitor Information Centre

  • Derry Walls

  • Tower Museum

  • Butcher Gate

  • St Columb's Well

  • Long Tower Church

  • Gasworks

  • Bogside Gallery/Murals

  • Free Derry Corner

  • Museum of Free Derry

  • St Eugene's Cathedral

  • Brooke Park

  • Culturlann

Directions to Starting Point

The start place for the tour is the Visit Derry Visitor Information Centre on Waterloo Place.
The easiest way to find the starting place is to go to the major landmark of the Guildhall, which is close by and visible from the Peace Bridge and the Bus Station. Keep the Guildhall on your right and the City Walls on your left, and walk through Shipquay Place to Waterloo Place. The Visitor Information Centre is a modern tower building on your left just past the end of the Walls (Cowards Bastion/Magazine Gate) and is opposite the Northern Counties Building on your right.

Show Directions
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Places to stop along the way

Visitor Information Centre, Derry Walls, Tower Museum, Long Tower Church, Gasworks, Bogside Gallery/Murals, Free Derry Corner, Museum of Free Derry, St Eugene's Cathedral, Brooke Park, Culturlann

Best time of day

While the tour can be done at any time, it is best done during daylight hours.


Be careful crossing busy roads and always use the traffic crossings when instructed during the tour.


Very enjoyable and engaging

Posted by Patrick , 11 months ago

This is a very interesting tour, illustrating diverse political/religious events and opinions in a very balanced manner. Well worth taking this tour.

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , 11 months ago
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Derrie Danders: Cityside, Bogside and the Walled City’s West