• LOCATION 2 | Discovering Conwy: The Medieval Walled Town on a Waterfront

    Towards Conwy Castle

    Go clockwise around the parking lot, keeping on the pavement.

    If you had stood here 800 years ago there would have been nothing here except a Cistercian monastery. The man responsible for establishing the town of Conwy was Edward 1. 1282 is the date that Welsh children learn as that is the date Edward conquered Wales and killed the last Welsh Prince of Wales

    He was a very clever military campaigner and did things like fell the forest either side so he couldn't be ambushed and landed troops on Anglesey where the grain was grown to feed his army and starve the Welsh out,

    English kings had conquered Wales previously but, they learned you can conquer a small poor country with enough troops and weapons but there comes a time when you have to pull out leaving small garrisons and then the defeated come out of their hiding places, pick off these forts and win their country back. Edward said "You lot are going to stay conquered" and built this impressive fortress.

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Discovering Conwy: The Medieval Walled Town on a Waterfront