• LOCATION 16 | Discovering Conwy: The Medieval Walled Town on a Waterfront

    Smallest House

    On your left is the Smallest House in Great Britain. Stop for a moment in front of it.

    As the town expanded, residents took advantage of the sturdy town walls to build against and the little red house was squeezed into the gap narrowed for the tower behind. The empty space filled with picnic tables - or indeed tents if you are lucky enough to be here when we have events like our food or folk festival going on, was the offices of the local newspaper. The paper proved to the Guinness Book of Records that the house deserved the title of the Smallest in Britain. It was lived in until 1900 by a six foot fisherman despite the width being only 72 inches.

    Now, turn around and walk back along the quayside passing the Lower Gate.

    The view in front sums up a British seaside town with a red telephone box now containing a defibrillator, a sign for Fish and Chips and a medieval castle.

    Conwy is not a river town like nearby Betws y Coed or a seaside town like Llandudno. Estuaries are very special places where the nutrients of the river meet the large tides of the sea and fresh and salt water mingle.

    Keep going along the Quayside, with the water on your left.

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Discovering Conwy: The Medieval Walled Town on a Waterfront