• LOCATION 25 | Haunted Chester: A Spooky Stroll around the Roman-Walled City

    Under the Eastgate Clock

    As you approach the Estate Clock, Chester's answer to Big Ben, you find the best photo opportunity on the walk. This is the place to feed your Instagram ...

    Stop here for a moment.

    The clock was unveiled in 1899 to celebrate the Diamond anniversary of Queen Victoria. Well, actually, that was in 1897 but the installation was two years late.
    But, more famously, this spot offers the best vantage point of the place where the only official exorcism in Chester was performed.
    Look around you now — can you guess which building?
    Well, the unlikely answer lies to your left: the Thorntons chocolate shop.
    No really ...

    Thorntons is home to Sarah, Chester's most famous ghost. She lived in the 19th century and hung herself on the morning of her wedding day after she learnt her fiancé, Wilhelm, had been killed. After years of disruptive poltergeist activity, the vicar of St John's was called to perform an exorcism here in the 1972. But Sarah proved hard to dislodge and the problem reached a dramatic climax on St Valentine's Day 1998 when the window display was trashed overnight — without any sign of a break in.
    The owner of the Thorntons shop called in a medium in a final bid to help move Sarah onto the next dimension. She has been a bit quieter in recent years but many people still report an uncomfortable feeling in the shop — that Stone Tape Theory again!

    When you're ready, continue walking along the walls.

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Haunted Chester: A Spooky Stroll around the Roman-Walled City