Cape Town audio tour: The Elfin Trail

About the Tour

The Elfin Trail is an immersive, high fantasy-themed audio walking experience through the most beautiful and least-known forests and glades in Cape Town. Using smartphone GPS to trigger downloaded audio automatically, the listener is guided along a shady two-hour stroll through the greenbelts of Constantia, along the way hearing timeless stories, original music and natural sound effects relevant to what they're seeing and hearing around them. Listeners rediscover the magic of lost childhood fairytales and meet elves, dragons, goblins, gnomes, fairies, centaurs, dryads and more along the way. This captivating new outdoor storytelling experience is an enchanting, imaginative take on folklore, audio drama and the world-class natural surroundings in one of Earth's favourite cities.

🍀 The Elfin Trail Teaser (video, 1 min) 🍀

Written and adapted by John Bartmann (
Narrated by Amy Sutton (
Audio recording by Terome McNally (
Music by John Bartmann and Nic Paton (
Additional music by Amy Sutton, Callan Wolff, Ruby Paton
Additional FX by Terome McNally, Stephen Timm
Assistance by Yvandi Lubbe
Artwork by Alex van der Linde (

Download the original soundtrack for The Elfin Trail

Tour Producer


John Bartmann

Greetings! In your tongue, my name is Argemis, but they call me Treefellow. I'm what you'd call a gnome, or earthman. I don't really appear clearly in your photographs, so you'll never spot me unless you see me with your own eyes. Bah! Who needs photographs, anyway? The world is magical enough, isn't it? Well, time to go. I look forward to sharing my home forest with you. There are many of us living, just hidden from eyesight along the dells, glades and ponds of The Elfin Trail...

Major Landmarks

  • The Alphen Trail

  • The Klaasenbosch Trail

Directions to Starting Point

The parking lot at the entrance to the Cecelia Forest is at the intersection of Rhodes Drive and Hohenort Avenue in Constantia. Cars are usually guarded by a volunteer staff member and a recommended donation of R10 is advised.

Show Directions
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Places to stop along the way

There are two picnic spots along the way. A litre of water and some snacks are recommended.

Best time of day

Three hours before sunset is the recommended time of day, but the route can be enjoyed during any daytime hours.


This trail is child-friendly and there is very little to worry about. Just keep your eyes open, as always. Be especially careful when crossing the two well-announced major roads en route. Take precautions during hayfever season and wear a good pair of shoes. The route is about 60% shaded.


A magical experience, beautifully narrated. Thanks for an enjoyable outing!

Posted by Claudine , about 1 month ago

beautiful walk but at the end of the tour you cant get back to parking area because there are fences everywhere. we found a hole in the fence and crawled underneath. was fun!!

Posted by Jessy Lipperts , over 2 years ago

The very first track mentioned has been converted into a cycling trail and it’s not safe to walk as cyclists come hurtling down. Couldn’t complete trail. Would appreciate a refund

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 3 years ago

Don’t seem able to remove this comment but appreciate the feedback from the developers. Route is for cyclists and hikers. Cyclists I encountered were simply unfriendly

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 3 years ago

Thoroughly enjoyed this walk! Thank you!! :)

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 4 years ago

That was great. The pauses were sometimes a bit long and I had to check I was still going the right way. Loved the stories and how they were told. Great route!!!

Posted by Kevin Allen , over 4 years ago

Really recommend this walk. Enjoyed by 2 kids ages 8 and 10!

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , about 5 years ago

many thanks!

Posted by John , over 4 years ago

Beautiful! It truly transforms the forest into a fairyland... I am bringing my god-daughters for sure!

Posted by Jani Verster , over 5 years ago

Thank you Jani. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Posted by John , over 5 years ago

What an amazing trail! The route is beautiful and the storytelling makes it so entertaining. It makes everything fantastical, from the ancient inhabitants of tree houses to things even as mundane as a lamp post (loved that!)

Posted by Neil , over 5 years ago

Thanks for joining us in the woods, Neil!

Posted by John , over 5 years ago

I loved this walk and will definitely do it again. The storytelling, the music and, of course, the forest itself all add up to a delightful experience.

Posted by Heather , over 5 years ago

Lovely to have you, Heather!

Posted by John , over 5 years ago
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