Cape Town audio tour: [ARCHIVED: 26/3/19] Woodstock Street Art Tour

[ARCHIVED: 26/3/19] Woodstock Street Art Tour


30 mins

About the Tour

Woodstock's street art is world-class. Meet local artist Rashied as he guides you through the streets, telling the story of Woodstock's art for the last time, just days before tragically passing away in a fire. His passion for the area spans a lifetime, and his inspirational community-building work with both tourists and locals tenaciously conveys what it means to have a big heart in a rapidly changing area. Please note, some of the artworks mentioned on this tour has since been removed or changed. But, this tour is a snapshot in time, and the storytelling and interviewee's outweigh the removal of some of the artworks.

Tour Producer


John Bartmann

Forest day walker and musician lovin' and livin' in Cape Town, RSA!

Major Landmarks

  • Woodstock Exchange Building

  • Red Hand artwork

  • Rhino artwork

  • Zebra artwork

  • Woodstock Train Station

Directions to Starting Point

Start outside the Woodstock Exchange Building in Lower Main Road, Woodstock. From the Woodstock train station, exit to the Lower Main Road and cross at the pedestrian crossing

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Places to stop along the way

The Woodstock Exchange has a few coffee shops and bistros.

Best time of day



Do be very careful. Woodstock used to be a no-go zone for tourists and cautious locals. There are areas where you should be very aware of your surroundings. Don't flash expensive items, be a little wary of strangers and keep your eyes open.


Thanks for this interesting walk, but unfortunately some paints no longer exists. This walk need an update.

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , almost 3 years ago

Directions were clear and information was interesting, but unfortunately a lot of the artwork no longer exists. you can see that many of them were painted over.

Posted by Anonymous Explorer , over 3 years ago

I loved the walk. I work nearby and seldom get a chance to appreciate this. Just a word of caution- don't go alone. There are some intimidating characters around.

Posted by Matthew , almost 6 years ago
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[ARCHIVED: 26/3/19] Woodstock Street Art Tour