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    Sally Lunn's Historic Eating House

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    Let's stop here for a moment next to Sally Lunn's Historic Eating House.

    Sally Lunn's is probably Bath's oldest house, dating from the late medieval period, but sits on much older foundations from previous Roman and Norman buildings.

    If you look up to the top of the house and at the pointed gable, you will see a round opening, This is where the family would keep a pet owl, which would swoop down and kill the local dirty rats and other vermin!

    However, this building is also famous as the home of the original Bath Bun. Legend has it, in 1680, from her home in France, where the Protestant Huguenots were persecuted, came young Solange Luyon to find employment with a baker in this street, known then as Lilliput Alley. The locals renamed her Sally Lunn, as this was easier for them to pronounce.

    She began baking a rich, generous brioche bun, similar to the French festival breads that she would have been so familiar with. This bun soon became a very popular delicacy in Bath. Over time, others have tried to copy the Sally Lunn Bun, but without success, as the recipe is secret and is only passed on with the deeds of the house!

    However, beware, this famous bun should not be mistaken for another type of Bath bun, better referred to as the London Bath Bun, a bun with sugar and fruit, made famous when baked in large quantities for the Great Exhibition held in London in 1851.

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    Now, facing Sally Lunn's, turn to your left and continue walking along the alley.

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    Take in the sights, sounds and aromas of other eating establishments, including that imposter, the Bath Bun shop on your left. I will see you at Abbey Green.

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