Walk the Highlights of Medieval Bath

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    26 Feb 2020
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    Tourdescription About the audio tour

    Whether you have visited before, or this is your first time in Bath, this walking tour will open your eyes to a hidden world of yesteryear. Within a short walk, following the line of the ancient city wall, you'll hear about people who have walked this route before you. They include the Celtic Britons and French Normans, along with the Saxons, Vikings and yes, everyone's favorites, the Romans. Why not 'lend me your ears' for a walk and talk covering 1700 years?

    You'll hear about:
    • How the Romans joined two Goddesses together
    • When one river becomes two
    • A funny story of a French girl and her secret recipe
    • Bath’s hidden cathedral
    • Burial sites beneath Bath Abbey
    • What remains of the ancient wall and what was thrown from it
    • The only true hot water springs in Britain
    • A famous Bath delicacy or two and some ideas of great gifts

    And so much more!! - so allow 1 -1.5 hours for the walk and more if you visit the Abbey and the Roman Baths.

    Bath truly is a city for all ages, so let's delve into this living layer cake of history and see what gems we can uncover from the past.

    Majorlandmarks Major Landmarks

    Bath Abbey, Roman Baths, River Avon, Spa Quarter / Thermae Spa, City Wall, Sally Lunn's / Bath's oldest house.

    Startingpoint Directions to starting point

    The walk starts from outside the Visitor Information Centre, which is in a very public area, officially called Terrace Walk. It is easily reached by walking a few hundred metres from both the railway and bus stations or if you are driving, a local car park called Southgate.

    Tips Tips

    Places to stop along the way:

    Abbey Church, Roman Baths Museum (including access to the washrooms if needed, even if you choose not to visit the museum), Parade Gardens, Sally Lunn's, Thermae Spa. While, for great coffee and cake, try Mokoko and for beautiful souvenirs, pop into Bath Aqua Glass, both located in the Abbey Churchyard.

    Best time of day:

    Early morning to early evening. Most establishments in Bath are open everyday and to ensure access, the best time will be from around 0930 to 1700. However, many are open much longer. Be mindful of the Abbey schedule of services and events.


    Most of the route is free from motor vehicle traffic, but remember in England, cars etc drive on the left. Also, look out for uneven and old sidewalks and similar. Bath is a relatively safe place and does not normally suffer from pickpockets or similar crime. Sometimes, homeless people can ask for money!

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