Bangkok audio tour: Thailand's Road to Democracy

Thailand's Road to Democracy

Walking Tour

40 mins

About the Tour

Democracy Monument was built in 1939 to mark the end of absolute monarchy in Thailand and the introduction of a people's constitution. It was really just the beginning of a decades-long struggle to achieve a truly representative political system. Many of the most momentous milestones in that battle have taken place on the stretch between Thammasat University and Democracy Monument. This is essentially a stroll through Thailand's modern political history.

Tour Producer


Christopher Burslem

For the last 20 years, Chris Burslem has worked on newspapers and wire agencies in Bangkok, Phnom Penh and Singapore, becoming an Old Asia Hand in what he says feels like a frighteningly short period of time. He is the author of Tales of Old Bangkok, a scrapbook history of his favorite city.

Major Landmarks

  • Phra Pin-klao Bridge

  • 14th October Memorial

  • Democracy Monument

Directions to Starting Point

From any of the main piers, such as Saphan Taksin, Ratchawong or Phra Arthit, take the orange-flagged riverboat to the N12 pier, which is the Phra Pin Klao Bridge stop. At certain times of the day you can also catch the Green and Yellow flagged boats. Just don’t take the blue-flagged Tourist boat: it doesn’t stop at N12.

If you’re already at Thammasat, take the 3 baht cross-river ferry at Tha Phra, the small pier next to the university, to the Phra Pin Klao Bridge pier.

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Places to stop along the way

At the end of the walk, you may like to wander down the adjacent Dinso Road, which has a number of well-known noodle vendors.

Best time of day

Early evening, Saturday or Sunday is best


Beware when using zebra crossings; local drivers rarely yield for pedestrians.


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