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Join local guide and storyteller Tomer Chelouche on his quest to uncover the history of the White City by exploring some of its most famous spots as well as lesser known sites, to hear about the characters and events that have helped define this cosmopolitan city, as well as the modern state of Israel. Take a fascinating stroll through the historic Gan Hashmal neighborhood to trace its rise, fall and rise again to the hip area it is today. Then take a deep dive into the history of the White City through some of its most iconic and lesser-known architecture. Finish off with a walk along the Trail of Independence to see the historic sites and meet the figures that laid the groundwork for the Israel of today. These three tours will give you a great grasp of Israel's history while sharing spots only locals would know.
Discover the urban renewal that transformed Tel Aviv's hip Gan Hahashmal area
ByTomer Chelouche, 15 Jul 2019

Walking Tour

35 mins