Victoria Vanegas

I was born in Bogotá – Colombia where I studied my bachelor in Business Administration and worked in a bank as a credit analyst. I went to Plymouth in the UK to study my Masters in Business Administration (MBA). After 5 years in the UK I moved to Norway with my Norwegian husband and lived and worked in Oslo for 4 years. We got a job offer in Bahrain and moved there where I worked at an international investment bank. During the Arab spring in 2011, we returned to Norway and I decided to completely change my career and enrolled in the Oslo guide course of the Oslo Guide Association. Since then I have been hosting tours and guiding visitors to Oslo, an activity I enjoy very much. I started my own company, Norditours in 2016 to design and create experiences in Norway. Norditours focuses on creating a more sustainable future for all and designs tours for small groups that leave little or no impact on the environment.

Follow the thread of Oslo’s development on a stroll through the city centre

Walking Tour

40 mins