Suzie Rees

I'm an actor, storyteller, and unicorn collector. I'm also passionate about history in general and about Welsh history in particular. Wales is my homeland and I am very proud to call myself "Cymraes" - a Welsh woman.
Growing up I didn't realise how unusual it was to have a medieval castle as your playground but its strories always fascinated me. The more I learnt about the castle the more Iearnt about local history and the more I wanted people to see the amazing place I live in as I do. A place of mystery, rebellion, heartbreak and madness all linked to a town with a history going back 2000 years.
My tours will take you on a walk through that history, not only in Caerphilly town but in the surrounding valleys too.
Thanks to Voicemap you can join me on a socially distanced tour while I tell you stories of my homeland.

Meet the characters that shaped this mining town through the ages
BySuzie Rees, 17 May 2021

Walking Tour

35 mins
Trace the story of Caerphilly on a meader from the visitor centre to the castle
BySuzie Rees, 27 Aug 2020

Walking Tour

40 mins