The Loo Lady Cole-Wilkin

I am the creator of London Loo Tours, which are designed by and for adventurous spirits who want to see the world differently, who love history and off-the-beaten-track adventures and who care
about important social issues. Plunge with us into the humble toilet and discover whole new worlds of history, politics, psychology and, of course, humour.

The tours started in 2013 when, living in London as an American Drama student, I asked the question "where can I go for free." One thing lead to another, a joke became a full time project, and Loo Tours was born. I have taken my research as far afield as Indonesia for the 2013 World Toilet Summit, and am interested both in the local and global aspects of toilets and the people who use them.

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Dive into the deep history of London's toilets, from past to present

Walking Tour

30 mins