Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson started an ancient history blog in 2008, which has been rated as one of the top blogs in this subject area. His goal is to bring ancient history to a broad audience and create more interest in a subject that deserves to be more widely known. His research also focuses on ancient political systems which act as models for those in operation today.

Mike has an undergraduate degree in engineering and a PhD in Information Science. He has also done significant work toward a Master’s degree in Philosophy.

In the past couple of years, Mike has begun to write books about contemporary American Politics. In 2017, he published his first book "The Progressive Gene: How Genetics Influence the Morality of the Left". He soon will be publishing his second book, "Tribalism: The Curse of 21st Century America".

Mike is also active on Quora, answering questions on ancient history, political systems, and contemporary American politics. He was rated a Quora “top writer” in 2018.

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